Al Nyberg Field is located in Hibbing, Minnesota. When the field was built, it is not sure, however people have been playing on it for a while. It is in the league the North Central/Arrowhead League[1]. It is named Al Nyberg Field because of a person named Al Nyberg who was an amazing baseball player and played at this field. Al died of leukemia and the city named the field after him[2]. The field is used for many different purposes and the most often used is to play baseball. “I wish the outfield was flatter, because the ground out there is really hilly and bumpy which makes it harder to field a bouncing ball,” says a Hibbing Baseball player, “I’ve played there for four years and I’ve played between 70 and 75 games. I can honestly say that the condition of the outfield has contributed to the reasons of the mistakes I’ve made in the outfield.”[3]


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