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Aubin Photo Studio is located on the corner of 3rd Avenue East and 18th Street in Hibbing[1]. The studio was started in 1907 by Paul Aubin Sr. who came to Hibbing in 1903. In 1909 he bought out Thiel, Dahl, and many other studios. Then he expanded his business with two studios in Hibbing, and one in Chisolm, Buhl, and Nashwauk. The original Hibbing studio was moved from North Hibbing in 1921 and placed on 3rd Avenue because it was supposed to become the main street of South Hibbing. Paul Aubin Sr. left the business in 1971 and died a year later[2].

His son Paul Aubin Jr. put in an estimated 71 years before he closed the studio in December 2009. He started when he was nine years old by setting up a separate darkroom in the basement to keep him away from the girls working there. Paul had a few odd jobs when he was younger, worked in the mines for three years, and even had a two year tour in Korea as a photographer. He always returned to work at the studio. Aubin Studio had two owners and was in business for 102 years. Now he has cleaned and moved out of the studio and into the basement of his house in Hibbing. He still has all his old cameras and most of his old pictures of the town[3].

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