The Hibbing branch of Barr Engineering is located at 3128 14th Avenue East, Hibbing Minnesota[1]. Barr was incorporated as an employee-owned firm in 1966 and can trace origins back to the early 1900’s[2]. The main projects worked on in the Hibbing office are power, mining, and manufacturing[3]. This is an engineering firm based in Minneapolis with branch offices in Hibbing, Minnesota; Duluth, Minnesota; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Jefferson City, Missouri; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Calgary, Alberta Canada[4]. Their engineering and environmental services include: air quality, dams, geotechnical, heavy industrial, site development, site remediation, waste management, and water resources management[5]. The Hibbing office works on projects with fees ranging from 4 to 9 million dollars every year[6]. There are 65 people that work in the Hibbing office[7]. All of the offices together have over 500 employees[8].

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