Cheever field is the location of HHS football sporting events. Cheever Field used to be located at the Hibbing High School, but it had to removed in order to make room for the new addition. The new addition of the Hibbing High School was completed in 1991. It was located at the school from 1924-1989. The last game played at the original Cheever Field was on September 8, 1989.

Since 1989, it was been moved next to the Hibbing Community College. The Hibbing Quarterback Club, a charitable organization for football clubs and leagues is raising money to build a community locker room for the youth at the field. The corporate organizer is Tom Sullivan. Construction has started, but they are still 2,000 dollars away from reaching their goal. Their efforts of building the locker room began in the late fall of 2007. The total amount of money they have raised thus far is estimated to be 298,000 dollars. It will cost 300,000 dollars to be completed.