Greenhaven Rink is an outdoor skating rink in the Greenhaven neighborhood of Hibbing. It was built in 1954 by Dominic Grillo, son Chuck Grillo and Matt Berklich. The Grillo family managed the rink for over thirty years. [1]

Greenhaven rink is comprised of two hockey rinks and one sheet of open ice. There is also a warming shed that is open weekdays 3pm-9pm and weekends 12pm-9pm. The Greenhaven rink is a community rink that is flooded and swept daily all winter long.[2]

The rink is used by a variety of community members, from high school hockey players to young kids just learning to skate.[3] In 2004 the Stanley Cup, awarded to the champions of the National Hockey League, visited the Greenhaven Rink as part of a tour of Minnesota. [3]

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