Hibbing is where the bus industry started. The Greyhound Bus Museum is located at 1201 Greyhound Boulevard in Hibbing.[1] There are guided tours available, and the thirteen historical buses can be seen on display.[2]

The museum showcases the story of how the bus industry started in Hibbing, Minnesota. By charging for a car ride from Alice, Minnesota, to Hibbing, the business took off.[3] They made the first elongated car, which lead to having a nation wide bus route.[4]

Outside of the museum is the Roses and Iron garden. It is maintained by the Chisholm Hibbing Garden Club.[5] The Roses and Iron garden is filled with 35 different varieties of roses.[6] These roses were chosen because their resistance to diseases and capability to thrive in the northern climate. In the summer they bloom and liven up the front yard of the museum.

While talking about the Greyhound Bus Museum, Jessica Brownlee recalls visiting the museum for class field trips.[7] Looking at all the buses and sitting inside was very enjoyable she said. Jessica remembered being a little kid on the towering buses and thought it was quite entertaining. On family trips, or school trips, the Greyhound Bus Museum can be awe-inspiring for old and young alike.

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