Hibbing Community College first opened as a two-year college in 1916. HCC is also one of the countries oldest two-year colleges.[1] HCC is known for its nursing program, engineering program, and also very well known by sports.

Men’s Baseball is coached by Mike Turnbull. Men’s Basketball is coached by Matt Johnson. Women’s Basketball is coached by Mike Turnbull. Men and Women’s Golf is coached by Mint Harris. Women’s Softball is coached by Steve Rannikar. Women’s and Men’s Intramural Volleyball is coached by Mike Turnbull. Men and Women’s soccer is coached by Deb Johnson.[2] They also used to have Men’s Football.[3] They're mascot is the Cardinal.

A member of the men's baseball team at HCC said that, "he can't wait to go on their trip down to Orlando, Florida because there will be their greatest compition."[4]

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