Founded in 1942, the Hibbing Curling Club was opened.[1] With seven sheets to play[2] on, there are over 480 members.[3] The curling club also has several different things to be proud of it. The first accomplishment was the curling club being home to the 1976 World Champs. The team consisted of Bruce Roberts, Joe Roberts, Gary Kleffman and Jerry Scott. There were also a few current members from the 2010 Olympics that came out of the Hibbing Curling Club. The clubs second accomplishment is when they hold the largest bonspiel in the US each year, Men’s “Last Chance.” They have over 128 teams on 13 sheets of ice.[4]

           A previous member of the curling club states that it is a great place for kids of all ages. She also believes that it has come a long way in the past few years with many different advancements, such as new carpeting, different food variety, and a camera above the house that shows on a television in the lobby to see everyones game.[5]
           Throughout the year they have many different programs for all ages. The Hibbing Curling Club offers juniors, men’s, women’s, mixed, open and instructional.[6]  The Hibbing Curling Club is a great learning place for all ages!

Figure 1:Hibbing Curling Club[7]

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