The Hibbing High School Auditorium was built in 1920 and it was finished in 1922, along with the finishing of the school[1]! The auditorium’s chandeliers each cost $15,000, and it was modeled after the Capital Theater in New York[2].


It also has sculpted pillars and paintings on the walls, however, it most famously known for being haunted. There are many rumors going around about the haunting. “I don’t believe that the auditorium is haunted, because I don’t personally believe that human spirits can haunt places”, says a student that attends Hibbing High[4]. He goes on to state that he has sat in the seat J47, and has never felt chills or heard eerie noises. When asked about the picture taken of the seat J47, by Chuck Perry, he says, “Yes, I think it is a hoax. You can easily photo shop a picture of a man in a top hat over auditorium seats.”[5] [6]

However, there are still rumors going around the high school about several other ghosts as well. One of these rumors being about the man in the top hat, a ghost of a girl who supposedly fell off the balcony and died, and one of a boy who had heart failure and passed away in the hallway.

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