Hibbing Public Utilities has served the City of Hibbing from their present location since 1919[1]. Hibbing Public Utilities provides steam, water, natural gas, and electricity for distribution to our service area[2]. They have four boilers; three are coal fired and one is wood fired[3]. The wood boiler is a biomass boiler, which is woodchips, and is a renewable fuel[4]. They have a three-member commission, which is a governing body that is appointed by the city council[5]. Public Utilities has three steam turbine generators[6]. One turbine can produce 21 megawatts, another can do eleven, and the last one can do six[7]. It takes 22 megawatts to keep the city of Hibbing running[8]. A megawatt is a unit of power[9]. This term is often used in the context of discussing either devices that draw a great deal of power, or plants which manufacture power[10]. They have 91 employees, 11 women and 80 men[11].

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