Jeno Paulucci was born on July 5, 1918 in Hibbing, Minnesota. He was born just a couple years after his parents immigrated to the Iron Range from a small mining town in northeastern Italy, called Bellisio Solfare. [1] Jeno began his career of entrepreneur at a very early age, selling olive oil from door to door. During Prohibition, his family ran a speakeasy out of his family’s basement on the Iron Range. Jeno did all he could to help, even making most of the wine himself. [2]

After this chapter in his interesting life, he moved to Duluth at the age of 16. He began a job bartering fruit and vegetables on First Street in Duluth. Jeno enrolled in Hibbing State Junior College pre-law program. However, he had an offer for a job in selling wholesale products, and left his education without a second thought. On a sales trip with this company, he learned to grow Chinese bean sprouts, with which he decided to start his now worldwide company, Chun King Foods.[2]

Today, at the age of 92, Jeno is still a fierce businessman, with a net worth of $450 million. Just 15 years ago he started yet another brand, Michelina’s, named after his mother. He remains hard at work and loves his life in the bustling city of Duluth, Minn.[3]

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