Little Sturgeon

Julie is the daughter of Fran and Ed Gardesky. She talks about her family experiences at the lake. Julie Fondly remembers that as a family she spent many days at the lake almost every summer day. Her and her brothers, and sisters would catch pan fish and no mater what size they were their great grandma would fry them up for supper, and they tasted really good. She said it’s a pity she doesn’t fish like she used to.1 Fran, “Jules mother,” said her memories are of the nice quiet days on the dock or going on pontoon rides, the lake was a lot quieter then. Fran said that know a days the lake is always full of boats, and noisy with the jet boats, and jet skies but she still enjoys it.2

Fishing, for this I asked Mark Gardesky he is the son of Fran and Ed. Mark said, “ I believe that the fishing is still the same maybe a bit slower with all of the boat traffic, but it just means that you have to look harder to find the fish then normal.” Mark has been fishing this lake his whole life. And says that he plans to continue on fishing there until he is no longer capable of it.3

1Interview with Julie Gardesky April 25, 2011 2Interview with Fran Gardesky April 25, 2011. 3Interview with Mark Gardesky April 28 , 2011.