In the early 1900’s the mining industry in Hibbing was doing extremely well[1]. The area was so rich in iron ore that the mining company started looking for more deposits, which they found right under the town[2]. In 1915, under the direction of the Oliver Mining Company, plans were made for a massive relocation of the entire town two miles south to the small city of Alice, which began four years later in 1919[3]. The move included the entire population of 20,000 people[4], plus over 180 houses and 20 businesses moved by means of steel wheels and logs[5]. Other than houses and businesses, a total of 200 structures were transferred to the new town[6]. The only building that didn’t make it was a hotel that fell off the rollers and crashed to pieces[7].

Due to the major inconvenience the move caused to the people, the Oliver Mining Company also built several new buildings for the town to pacify the citizens: the Hibbing High School, the Androy Hotel, the Rood Hospital, and the Village Hall[8]. The relocation was completed in 1921[9] and cost about $16 million[10]. Alice was annexed and renamed Hibbing after the job was complete[11].

The area where Hibbing was once located has since been called North Hibbing, and it continued to operate until the 1930’s when the mining companies bought all the buildings and had them torn down to make room for the mine[12]. Some houses still remained into the 50’s, but most of those were also moved or torn down later[13]. Today, the old sidewalks, street lamps, and some foundations of old buildings are the only signs left of where Hibbing once stood[14]. The Hull Rust Mahoning Mine View, the Hull Rust BMX Race Track, a model airplane field, and a large park now occupy North Hibbing[15].

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