Range Regional Airport

The Range Regional Airport, or Hibbing-Chisholm Airport, has a full Instrument Landing System on both Runway 13 and 31with remote controlled high intensity runway lighting. The main runway compares to the Duluth and Minneapolis airports. Also, the Airport supports three 12-unit hangers with parallel taxi ways. It is serviced by Northwest Airlink turbo prop flights.[1]

Located four miles southeast of Hibbing, the Range Regional Airport first began service in April, 1940. There are four runways. Runways 13 and 31 have dimensions of 6,760 feet by 150 feet. Runways 4 and 22 have dimensions of 3,096 feet by 75 feet. All runways have an asphalt surface.[2]

Public parking at the Airport can support 150 vehicles with no parking fee. There are various Ground Transportation available as well. A two inch gas line was extended to the Airport in 1995, and Minnesota Power supplies the site. [3]

Flights depart from the Range Regional Airport to Minneapolis-Saint Paul or Duluth. There is a charter sponsored by Suncountry Airlines that departs to Laughlin Nevada every couple months. Flights are generally small.[4]

People flying from the Range Regional Airport did not notice any changes when Northwest Airlines merged into Delta, but the employees noticed a big difference.[5]

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