The Sunrise Bakery.The Sunrise Bakery is located in downtown Hibbing Minnesota 2135 1st Ave [1] Originally the building was a lybbaTheater the construction of which dating back to 1921: a Kimball theater organ was installed around the time of construction.[2] Before being sold in 1976 the theater was owned by three of Bob Dylan’s uncles; Max, Julius, and San Edelstein.[3] Currently, the Sunrise Bakery is a private company with annual revenue of around $ 500,000, and a staff of one to four people.[4] Their menu includes strudels, brownies, bars, cakes, cookies, and home made bread.[5] The prices of these foods range from cookie platters being around ten dollars to strudels being around fifty dollars.[6] An example of their menu would be this:[7]

Apple Strudel: $32.99

Cream Cheese Strudel: $32. 99

Potica $14.99

Poppyseed Almond Roll: $16.99

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