The Hibbing High School boys swim team originated in 1924, two years after the high school opened in 1922. The girls swim team started as a club and later became a high school sport. The new facilities were built at the school so everyone was really excited to get a swim team. The practices and meets were mostly at the Lincoln pool until the new pool was built in 1991. The fans would sit behind the windows in the lunchroom to watch the meets. Everyone always came out to support the teams because it was always a big tradition. The program is a little bit different now than it was back then. It was run a little differently. Back then the swimmers didn’t work as hard as they do now. Currently the swimming workouts are really intense and they do dry land and weight lifting. They swim around 6000 yards a day. They’re also an hour longer than they used to be.[1] The past girls swimmers used to wear nylon cross back suits. They weren’t sleek like today’s.[2] Styles and technologies are always changing and developing so we keep advancing.

[1] Interview with Elizabeth Tintor. May 5, 2011/

[2] Picture of old swim team