The Town that moved.

           Frank Bucher Jr. is the owner of the moving company that moved Hibbing. He is the father of Fran Gardesky, when Frank moved houses they lifted them up by a strategy called cribbage: Stacking logs one on top of another to make a loge cabin like shape. This way his company could use jacks to raise the house then place the loges under the house, until the house could be set on the trailer  [1]. Great Uncle Sunny is the son of Frank Bucher he helped his dad to move the houses. Sunny said it takes a lot of work to move a house. First he needs 5 people to move the house, one of the jobs is 2 people to walk in front and behind the house to clear the road. Next he said they had 2 drivers one for bumps and the other just to drive, finally they put one man on top of the house to move the power lines out of the way. The top paying job was the position on top of the house, because of the life risk, the houses could fall over, and when they did it was mostly crippling to the man on the ruff[2]. Finally at the[3] destination they just reversed the process to put the house on the ground. Here is a picture of Frank moving a house across the Michel bridge[4].   

1 Fran Gardesky April/25/11

2Sunny Bucher April/26/11

3 Sunny Bucher April/26/11/

  1. picture taken in 1920s