WBTX 93.9 is one of the most popular radio stations in northern Minnesota, located on 807 West 37th Street in Hibbing. It is owned by Midwest Communications, Inc, which also owns other radio stations located in the same building.[1]

Although no one remembers the exact year WTBX went on the air, it is know that it started on April 1st in the 1980s. It was a sister station to AM 1060 WKKQ. During this time, it was known as the “Star Station.”[2]

In the beginning, the whole building had only 1 computer, used mainly to help with billing. It was also an automated station that ran large reel-to-reel tapes on machines the size of the entire room. Today, the technology has greatly advanced. The whole station is run by computers, and WTBX alone has 4. Songs are now computer files and MP3s, all contained on 1 hard drive on a single computer.[3]

WTBX is a HOT AC station, which means that it plays more upbeat Adult Contemporary music. It has 5 DJs: Craig and Justin (who are on the popular Early Morning Show, which goes from 6 am to 9 am), Ashley, David, and Otis. David and Otis voicetrack their shows from WIXX-FM in Green Bay, Wisconsin.[4] They also broadcast Open House Party, a nationwide Top 40 show.[5]

WTBX has had a number of well-known people as guests on the station, including Nigel Barker and Miss J from America’s Next Top Model. Athletes Dara Torres and Sasha Cohen have been on the air with the station as well, and even Nellie from Little House on the Prairie has been a guest.[6]

Exact numbers of total listeners is not known, due to the fact that surveys from companies such as Arbitron do a very limited amount of surveys in this area. The surveys do show that WTBX is one of the top stations in the area. Also, according to the list of prize winners, the station covers a large area in northern Minnesota and that many people listen on a regular basis.[7]

A typical listener would be able to listen to a lot of music, hear about the news, weather, current events, and jokes, and prizes are given out on a daily basis.[8]

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